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Persévérance Anta Ekwi Mayer



From Cameroonian origin, Hervé Ngamby is a Canadian citizen and a good father. He is one of the canadian Intelligentsia and has been a Ottawa-Vanier resident for over 10 years. Very few Canadians have such an unusual background. He ran for the Ottawa-Vanier riding for one of political parties in 2014. His multidisciplinary and transversal skills make him a unique asset in the African community in America. He graduated in Mathematics, Engineering degree in Mechanical Engineering from the École Polytechnique de Montreal and is a former member of the Order of Engineers of Quebec. He is the first graduate in engineering who is also a specialist in sustainable development. He completed his studies at the University of Quebec in Chicoutimi.

He also obtained a Master’s Degree and a Certificate of Higher Studies in Sustainable Management of Forest Carbon. He is also certified in Entrepreneurship and Technological Innovation by the École Polytechnique de Montreal, and is a principal auditor in more than 8 (eight) ISO International Standards, Trainer in the HACCP standard and High level Expert certified in compliance with US federal and NATO. Prior to practice his love and dedication to human beings and the communities, he unveiled his passion for the environment because it is the first official against Impact Study and Environmental Awareness Workshops on Automobiles in Canada, in collaboration with the Government of Quebec.

Mr. Ngamby is Commissioner of Oaths for Quebec with jurisdiction in Canada and all countries. 

Cheikh Ahmed Tidiane Ba came to Canada in 2006 from Senegal. He is currently an advisor at La Cité since 2010. He is responsible for recruitment, accommodation, guiding and mentoring newcomers to follow different programs, as well as help with their socio-economic integration.

He works closely with community centers, health centers, mosques, churches, French schools, francophone embassies. He is also involved in four different associations, such as being a board member of the Coopérative d'habitation Desloges and being a member of the Committee for Bilingualism in Ottawa.

He is also a political activist in Ottawa-Vanier, and was the campaign manager of his faithful companion Hervé Ngamby leader in the parliamentary election in June 2014. Since 1980, Sheikh is involved in student associations. His personal motto is: Serving the community. He has a degree in Water and Wastewater Management from Algonquin and is certified in Project Management. He is also a graduate from Industrial Chemistry at the Technological College of Kuwait with an experience of 15 years as a technician in analysis and purification of waters and as an operator to the Azzour-South power plant to the Ministry of Energy, Kuwait. It also has a Higher Diploma of French studies at the University Cheikh Anta Diop in Dakar, Senegal, a Diploma of Commerce in London and Certificates in English and Link8 Microsoft Office, Ottawa, Canada. Good father of familly, he writes and speaks Arabic, French, English, Fulfulde-Pulaar and Wolof. 

Perseverance Anta Ekwi Mayer was born in Montreal to Congolese parents. After a long period spent in Democratic Republic of Congo, she returned to settle in Ottawa in January 2012. She graduated from the Administration and Economics Faculty from the Protestant University of Congo / Computer Management. She holds an Executive Secretary certificate. She has certifications in Internal Auditing on HACCP Standards of Canada, on SQF standard, GFSI recognized standards of Food Technology Institute of Quebec.

Perseverance worked as Parliamentary Assistant for the National Assembly of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Educator on behalf of a Recovery Center of Street Children BANA POVEDA, she took care of management and social reintegration of street children in Kinshasa. She also has experience in administration field for having worked for oil company DESTINY CONNECTION and DHL International to Kinshasa.

Concerned about welfare of the community, she is a dedicated activist for causes of visible minorities and francophones, she is a member of the Assemblée de la Francophonie de l’Ontario. Perseverance was quickly interested in Canadian politics and joined Hervé Ngamby’s group. She worked during his campaign for provincial elections in Ontario 2014. She is the first African-Canadian who worked as Planner and Coordinator election campaign in Canada and particularly in Ontario.
She divides her time between her communautary and political activities and her family life. Mrs Anta Ekwi Mayer is Commissioner of Oaths for Quebec with jurisdiction in Ontario. 



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