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The Africans' League of Canada offers various services including medical assistance, legal aid, immigration assistance, social service, funeral assistance and more.

If you are a member of the ALC and justify a membership in good standing for 3 months, you can benefit from several services by completing the following form.


Benefit from a free medical consultation. A doctor will visit you directly at home. Simply show your health insurance card and your membership card.


Need help going back to school, looking for a job, want to start a company or have a project in mind? This service is for you.


Receive advice and assistance in the immigration process by being a member of the ALC.

Community Legal clinic

Get legal advice from a Lawyer. By being a member in good standing of the ALC, you are entitled to a free consultation with our Lawyers.

Access to a Property

Ready to buy a home and you are member of the ALC ? Our partner may be able to guide you in the process.

Project space

Do you have an idea ?

Welcome to this section dedicated to entrepreneurs/contractors for submitting projects.

Express Shipping

Benefit from our express shipping service if you are a member of the ALC.

Tours & Travel

Do you want to discover Canada or the tourism destinations of the African Continent? The ALC offers this service.

Ready to buy a home and you are a member of the ALC ? Our partner may be able to guide you in the process.

Seniors & Handicapped

Increase your intellectual, physical and social skills by participating in activities organized in partnership with the ALC.


In the event of a death, the ALC is here to help you by offering financial and administrative support.