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The Africans'League of Canada™ (ALC), is the largest and most unique federal community services organization in North America, created by Africans and based in Canada. The ALC has members from all African countries without limits in terms of borders, religions and cultures. The ALC vouches for the improvement of the quality of life of Africans in Canada, as well as the protection of their rights and interests. One of the priorities of the ALC is to preserve unity between the diverse African communities, independent from the problems or struggles that their countries are facing. 
The ALC™, which is an apolitical organization, is a registered intellectual property according to Canadian Trade-marks Act. She is authorized to offer several services and her mandate is to manage national and international projects in collaboration with: governments; non-governmental organizations; public and para-public organizations; private organizations working in Africa to improve the living standard of Africans in several domains (education, health, agriculture, sport, sustainable development and environment).
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